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Truth and Service-First National University Based on Christianity.
Korea Soongsil Cyber University goal is to foster and nurture future leaders who will contribute to and serve our church, society and the nation. To achieve this purpose, our students are provided with a balanced curriculum of theoretical and practical education based on the principles of Christianity. Under the school's founding motto of passionate aspiration for the truth and service to the people, Korea Soongsil Cyber University has been with our people throughout the best and worst of times and will continue its proud legacy into the future.


2022 June
KSCU held a ceremony to declare the 2030 vision of Soongsil Cyber University.

2022 March
Obtained a quality certification for web accessibility.

2021 February
Dr. Hernsoo Hahn was elected as the 6th president.

2021 February
Dr. Hernsoo Hahn was elected as the 6th president.

2013 February
Awarded the top prize in the category of contents marketing in the 'Hankyung Marketing Award, 2013' hosted by the Korea Marketing.

2013 February
Hernsoo Hahn, Doctor of Engineering, was elected the fourth president.

2012 November
Awarded the top prize in the category of educational contents in the 'Korean Customer Trust Brand Awards, 2012' hosted by the Korea Brand Management Association.

2012 June
Changed the name of the school from 'Korea Cyber University' to 'Korea Soongsil Cyber University.

2009 April
Opened an Evergreen Daycare Center in Mapo and managed a reading room for the youth.

2008 January
Established a "3D virtual campus" and a cyber promotion hall for the first time in Korea.

2007 May
President Lee Woo-young declared KCU Vision 2010, a three-year school development plan.

2007 January
Woo-Young Lee, Doctor of Business Administration, was elected as the second President.

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