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Administration Departments
Office e-mail
Office of Planning kcuplan@mail.kcu.ac
Office of Academic Affairs class@mail.kcu.ac
Office of Admission & Student Affairs ipsi@mail.kcu.ac
Office of Information & Technology system@mail.kcu.ac
Office of General Affairs manage@mail.kcu.ac
25 Departments
Department e-mail
Dept. of New Media Design idesign@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Broadcating arts and Creative Writing ibroad@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Practical English ichina@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Music music@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Korean Language Education korean@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Chinese Language and Culture language@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Christian Counseling and Welfare ccw@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Social Welfare socw@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Counseling Psychology counseling@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Childhood Education ichild@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Nursing Welfare ield@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Youth Coaching & Counseling youth@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Christian Leadship leadership@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Lifelong Education and Counseling iedu@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Finance Investment Technology itax@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Real Estate ire@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Cosmetology and Arts ca@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Sports Rehabilitation and Welfare saw@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Entertainment enterbiz@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of ICT Engineering iit@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Construction System Engineering const@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Industrial Safety Engineering safety@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Fire and Disaster Prevention isobang@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Electrical Engineering elec@mail.kcu.ac
Dept. of Environmental and Safety Engineering esafety@mail.kcu.ac

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