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Department of Broadcating arts and Creative Writing

The educational goal of the Department of Broadcasting and Creative Writing at Korea Soongsil Cyber University is to foster leading artists and literary elites who will lead the era of today's cultural industry by cultivating professional writing and content creation skills. To this end, we have prepared a practical curriculum to cultivate the theoretical learning process necessary for creation and the expertise necessary to create various genres. The curriculum divided into pure literature fields such as poetry, novels, plays, and children's literature, practical creative areas such as novels, web novels, webtoons, broadcasting composition, dramas, scenarios, and criticism, and certified subjects such as literature education, reading essay guidance, and storytelling experts will be enough to cultivate creative artists and cultural talents.

Department of Broadcasting Arts and Creative Writing has the following specialized curriculum.

Convergence Storytelling Specialized Course
  • Modern society is expanding the cultural industry based on artistic expression and communication skills.
  • The convergence storytelling specialized course is a program that fosters content producers and key talents in the field of 'culture', which is the heart of the future industry and an interdisciplinary convergence program centered on storytelling
Specialized courses for multimedia content production experts
This specialized course is the best curriculum to acquire key theories and skills necessary for content creation, planning, and production by applying literary creation. Students who are taking a major course in the Department of Broadcasting and Creative Writing or a specialized course in Convergence Storytelling are encouraged to take a "multimedia content creator" course, which is more advanced than practical literary creation such as scenarios and scripts. Through this curriculum, you will systematically complete the core examination subjects required for the National Accredited Certificate 'Multimedia Content Production Specialist' qualification exam.
Specialized course for YouTube content experts
New media environments such as "mobile," "social media," and "digital media" are changing individual creative trends. It is an era of multimedia creation where you can release your own digital independent movies on YouTube channels or transmit music videos or live content. Let's become a one-person media channel operator by completing this specialized course that deals with the core technologies and production theories that YouTubers need to learn!


The five major goals of the Department of Broadcasting Literature and Creative Writing are to train pure writers such as poets, novelists, playwrights, children's writers, and essayists. The second is to train video creators such as composition writers, drama writers, screenwriters, film directors, documentary writers, and PDs. The third is to train cultural experts such as publishing editors, journalists, and advertising copywriters. Fourth is to train researchers in the field of literature and culture, such as critics and university professors. The fifth is to train educators in the fields of literature and culture, such as reading essayists, literary education instructors, and storytelling experts.

Especially for graduates who want to find a career in education after graduation, the Department of Broadcasting Literature and Creative Writing has three certificate curricula issued under the name of the president of Soongsil Cyber University. Certificate: 1. Convergence storytelling expert. 2. Reading essay instructor. 3. a literary instructor


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Writing Poetry Reading Materials Theory
Literary ttheory & Korean Literature Writing and media literacy
Writing Fiction & Making Character  
2 World Literature Trends Storytelling for Visual arts
Writing Scenarios Writing Web Fiction
Theories and Practice for Koreaan Culture Education Becoming a Creater in New Media era
3 Education & Teaching Method of Reading Methods History of Modern Korean Literature
Making Intellectual Property through Competition Multimedia Contents storytelling
4 Multimedia Contents storytelling Culture&Art Criticism
Utber planning and production Webtoon planning and Production
  Broadcast video editing

Future Career

  • Degree : a bachelor's degree in literature
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits

    If you complete three specialized courses opened in the Department of Broadcasting Literature and Creation, you will be issued a certificate of completion of the specialized course with graduation. At the same time, if you complete the three certification courses included in the Learning Curriculum of the Department of Broadcasting Literature and Creative Writing, you will be awarded a "Convergence Storytelling Expert" certificate, a "Reading Essay Instructor" certificate, and a "Literary Instructor." This is a certificate issued under the name of the president of Soongsil Cyber University.

    In addition to the abundant scholarship benefits provided by Soongsil Cyber University, there are creative scholarship benefits provided by the Department of Creative Writing.
    Criteria for payment of creative scholarship
    Target genre [poetry/novel/criticism/play/ essay/ broadcast drama/scenario/storytelling/cultural content]

    Each year, the winners of each genre's New Spring Literature Award; in the case of the JoongAng Daily, such as the Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo, JoongAng Ilbo, Gyeonghyang Newspaper, and the Busan Ilbo, etc

    The winner of the Central Literature Award and the winner of the National Literature Award for more than three years; literature and society, creative criticism, literary community, writer world, literary notebook, contemporary literature, and literary history, as well as the winner of the New Literature Award and the publisher of the above

    In the case of plays or broadcast dramas, when pamphlets are issued through the same channels as above, public broadcasting, and cable TV are produced as broadcast programs (only works with pamphlets and subtitles, video materials, newspaper reports, broadcasting programs, and pamphlets) Scenario needs to be published through media reports

  • Advancements after the graduation
    The students get a bachelor's degree in literature. And you can move on to the following path.

    - Professional creative area
    Broadcast drama writers, documentaries, liberal arts program writers, radio composition writers, poets, novelists, playwrights, children's writers, critics, essayists, screenwriters,

    - Professional Practice Area
    PD, broadcast program planner, digital content storyteller, animator, cultural heritage commentator, tourism storyteller, advertising producer, publishing & journalist, cultural program planner, cultural welfare worker, essay/reading/debate/literary education instructor, etc

    - The field of literary research
    Graduate school admission, academic researchers, literary and cultural content researchers, etc

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