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Department of Social Welfare

Department of Social Welfare is the academic discipline to research various social problems such as environment, health and education including social welfare of socially vulnerable group of elderlies, children, handicapped and their families and to present alternative solutions and preventative measures. Goals of the department is to provide systemic on- and off-line education convergences of high quality for nurturing social welfare specialists to solve and prevent various social problems effectively. Professional social workers that change the world. The Department of Social Welfare is the academic field to study ways to solve various social issues and preventive alternatives in poverty issues following industrialization and modernization, family issues, welfare issues for the elderly, the disabled at environment issues, health issues, education issues, local community issues and others and practice it through specialized techniques. The purpose of this Department is to enable to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical technology of the social welfare studies to develop social welfare specialized personnel as the therapists of social issues, aids and social planners.


  • On- and off-line educational convergence to nurture social welfare specialists
  • Professional and systemic educational curriculum Trains practical professional with expertises in six areas (Children and youth welfare professionals, family welfare / counseling professionals, elderly care professionals, social welfare facilities management experts, international and multi-cultural professional, volunteer experts)
  • Four specialized areas : Clinical social works, family therapy, social welfare facilities management, Christian social welfare
  • Developing a strong social network through active off-line community activities(area / grade / club meeting / mentoring)
  • Establishing relations to various social welfare practices through alumni


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Human Behavior and Social Environment Social Work Practice
Introduction to Social Welfare Social Problems
Introduction to Child Care Families and Gender
  Social Welfare History
2 Skills for Social Work Practice Social Welfare Administration
Research Methods for Social Welfare Social Welfare with Youths
Child Welfare Social Welfare with People with Disabilities
Social Security Social Welfare with Families
Young Child Development Social Welfare Ethics and Philosophy
Curriculum for Child Care Social Welfare Policy
  Counseling Theory of Children
3 Community Welfare and Practice Social Welfare with Women
Program Development and Evaluation for Social Welfare Mental Health and Mental Disorders
Family Policy School Social Work
Social Welfare Law and Practice Social Welfare in Health Care
Child care practicum Theory & Practice in Counseling
Social Welfare with Elders Child care practicum
4 Volunteer and Social Welfare Management of Non-Profit Organizations
Supervision in Social Welfare Social Work Field Practicum
Social Welfare in Mental Health  
Case Management in Social Welfare  
Social Work Field Practicum  

Future Career

  • Degree : B.A. in Social Welfare
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits :Social Welfare Expert, Health and Family Expert, Nursery Teacher, Youth Counselor
  • Advancements after the graduation : After obtaining certificates to work as social welfare experts, graduates may gain employment in social welfare facilities for children, women, people with disabilities, senior citizens and medical and mental facilities. Those who have obtained certificates to work as health and family affairs experts, graduates may work in health and family support centers. Opportunities are also available for employment at social welfare institutes, nursery schools and corporations.College of Social Services Korea

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