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Department of Sports Rehabilitation and Welfare

The department of Sports Rehabilitation and Welfare aims to train experts who can perform personal healthcare and rehabilitation. Our faculty help students have the ability to predict and prevent signs of disease in the New Normal era, where people’s health determines the quality of life. People have been increasingly interested in health since the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The treatment-oriented paradigm has shifted to a prevention-oriented paradigm due to the low fertility, rapid aging, increasing the number of chronically ill patients, and high medical expenses. Accordingly, the OECD Education 2030 Project emphasized the role of education in this field with pointing out digital health literacy and convergence career capabilities as essential competencies in the future.


  • to Train health and rehabilitation experts in the context of the spread of sports for all
  • to Strengthen experts’ capabilities due to the spread of the sports environment
  • to Train competent social workers with theoretical and practical skills in the field of social welfare
  • to Train health experts who lead a super-aged society
  • to Train experts for treatment and rehabilitation of people with physical or mental damage
  • to Cultivate Digital Health Literacy


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Health Education Health Care
Introduction to Sport for the Disabled Sport Pedagogics
Sports Medicine Sports injury
2 Sport Sociology Health Science
Sport Psychology Theory for adapted physical education
Theory of Sport Industry Sports injury and rehabilitation
3 Aging and Physical Activity Community Sports Welfare
Training Methodology Movement anatomy
Lmmunology Rehabilitation Psychology
4 Exercise Physiology Health and Nutrition
Child physical rehabilitation Pathological Basis of Diseases

Future Career

  • Degree : Bachelor of Sports Rehabilitation and Welfare
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits
    • Professional Sports Instructor. Grade 1 and 2
    • Life-long Sports Instructor, Grade 1 and 2
    • Senior Sports Instructor
    • Youth Sports Instructor
    • Disabled Sports Instructor
    • Health Exercise Instructor
    • Social Worker, Grade 2
    • Recreational Instructor
  • Advancements after the graduation
    • Exercise Prescript-or
    • Rehabilitation Therapist
    • Health Exercise Instructor
    • Sports Rehabilitation Specialist in the Welfare Center

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