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Department of Music

The Department of Music offers programs in Vocal Arts, Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, and Arts Administration. Our faculty is dedicated to the needs of the students who wish to acquire a deep understanding of music theory and develop artistic skills through individualized instruction. We are also fully committed to educating the students to be professional performers (soloists, chamber musicians, accompanists, and orchestra members), music educators, music event planners, and arts administrators.


  • To educate the students to be well-balanced musicians equipped with a professional understanding of music theory and musical skills
  • To develop a variety of performing programs to train the students to be professional musicians who can appeal to a wide range of audience
  • To create career opportunities for the students by instructing them to obtain a certificate of culture and arts education
  • To foster industry-university collaboration to motivate the students to engage in musical events
  • To establish the identity as Korean musicians who are trained to compose and/or perform Korean classical music


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Visual singing and hearing Composition technique
Harmonik Keyboard harmony
Major practical skills 1 Major practical skills 2
Piano pedagogy Art management
Album planning and Production Entertainment management, planning and production
2 Conduction technique Culture and arts education theory
Music analysis Chorus
Major practical skills 3 Major practical skills 4
Songs of art Stage art
Content Industry culture and art, and Policy Piano literature
3 Music education theory How to teach and learn music
Major practical skills 5 Major practical skills 6
Opera class Musical music
Copyright laws/Licensing Piano accompaniment
Performance planning Contents distribution, marketing and value awards
4 Music education program development Understanding and practice in the field of culture and arts education
Major practical skills 7 Major practical skills 8
Placement Group and Management

Future Career

  • Degree : Bachelor of Music
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits

    Second-Rate Certificate of Culture and Arts Education (approved by the Korean government)

  • Advancements after the graduation
    • Entering a graduate program (music school, graduate school of education, etc.)
    • Performing as a professional musician (vocal arts, piano, strings, woodwinds, musical, chorus, crossover, CCM, practical music, pop music, etc.)
    • Music instructors (after-school teachers, culture center instructors, etc.)
    • Music journalists, classical music commentators, musical writers, musical directors
    • Planners of music/culture events, broadcast music, musical, media music, etc.
    • Administrators of music organizations/businesses
    • Working for governmental or private institutions associated with performing arts

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