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Department of Korean Language Education

The Department of Korean Language Education at Korea Soongsil Cyber University offers the Korean Teacher Certificate program. Our faculty provides practical courses that can be applied directly in educational fields. We are also dedicated to helping students appreciate the Korean language with the right values and perspectives.

Through our highly structured curriculum, students will acquire a firm comprehension of the Korean language and culture, the general and applied linguistic principles, and practical application of second language acquisition theories and methods. Upon completion of field-studies, students will earn a certificate issued by the National Institute of Korean Language.

Students will also take the Multicultural Society Specialist certificate courses issued by Ministry of Justice, which will provide insights into Korean culture and society. Moreover, the department offers a Korean Teacher as Missionary Concentration for students wishing to specialize in teaching Korean for missionary purposes.


Our mission is to cultivate high-quality teachers and professionals who can meet the specific needs of Korean language learners.


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Introduction to Korean Linguistics Korean Orthography
World Mission and the Korean Language Teaching Methods for Korean Language
Understanding of Overseas Korean Society Theory of Immigration
Theories and Practice for Koreaan Culture Education Educational Psychology
Foundations of Education  
2 Korean Language Curriculum Studies Teaching Materials for Korean Language
Teaching Korean in English Teaching Korean through Bibles
Understanding Multiculturalism in Korean Society The Theory of Welfare for Immigrants and Multicultural Families
Education for a Multicultural Society Multiple Case study of multicultural education field
Language and Linguistics Second Language Acquisition
3 Teaching Korean Vocabulary Studies in Korean Language Testing
Teaching Korean Phonetics Teaching Korean Grammar
Linguistic Typology Mission Care Counseling
Principles of Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Society History of Modern Korean Literature
Literary ttheory & Korean Literature Multicultural Family Counselling and Therapy
4 Practicum of Teaching Korean Practicum of Teaching Korean
Teaching Korean Listening and Speaking Teaching Korean Reading and Writing
Immigration Policy Theory International Migration and Labor Policy
Teaching Methods in SLA  

Career after Graduation

  • Degree : Bachelor of Arts
  • Certificates
    • Korean Teacher Certificate(Level 2 or level 3)
    • Multicultural Society Specialist Certificate(Level 2)
    • Korean Teacher as Missionary Concentration
  • Jobs Related

    As the influence of the Korean Wave and Korea's international status increases worldwide, the career paths of Korean language teachers become more diverse, and the outlook is bright. Teaching jobs can be acquired at institutions not only in Korea, but also in other countries. With the Korean Teacher Certificate, graduates can apply for teaching positions in public schools and universities, Sejong Institutes, Korean Cultural Center, Korean Education Center, Korean private institutes, etc. With the Multicultural Society Specialist Certificate, graduates may also apply for jobs related to multicultural family support, foreign worker support, social integration program management, etc.

Korean Language for Business & Culture

The department of Korean Language Education at Korea Soongsil Cyber University offers the Korean Language for Business & Culture program for international students. This fully online program offers foreign students the opportunity to learn the Korean language and its culture.

The students will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree after completing our professionally prepared and internationally accredited courses, enabling them to advance their academic careers and gain job opportunities in Korea as well as in American and European countries.

We aim to help students develop their proficiency in the language and build professional competencies through a gradual curriculum progression.


Our mission is to prepare international students to better understand the Korean business language and culture. We aim to help students improve their language proficiency using our best professional practices.


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Practical Korean Basic Grammar Practical Korean Vocabulary
Practical Korean Basic Reading  
2 Business Practice Korean Employment Korean
Report Writing Exercise Tour Korean
3 TOPIKⅠ Reading TOPIKⅡ Reading
TOPIKⅠ Listening TOPIKⅡ Writing
  TOPIKⅡ Listening
4 TOPIK Speaking Humanities Arts Korean
TOPIKⅡ Actual Practice Engineering Korean
  Understanding Korean Society

Future Career

  • Degree : Bachelor of Arts

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