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Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention

The Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention offers various and professional courses such as fire engineering, fire administration, and disaster engineering as the first online education in Korea. We have grown into the best fire prevention education institution by training many fire engineers, fire system managers, and firefighters.


  • Disaster prevention, preparation, response and recovery from fire, explosion, earthquake and storm / flood damages have been taught systematically to foster excellent fire and disaster prevention professional with both theoretical background and practical experiences.


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Introduction of Fire Protection Chemistry Introduction of Fire Science Management
Safety Education Fire Prevention Electrical Circuit
Introduction of Public Administration  
2 Introduction of Fire Protection Mechanical Engineering Introduction of Fire Protection Architectural Engineering
Introduction of Disaster Prevention Fire Administrative Law
Fluid Mechanics for Fire Protection Building Code
Combustion & Fire Engineering Fire Suppression Agents
  Fire Code
3 Introduction of Fire Prevention Electrical Engineering Fire Prevention Electrical System
Chemistry of Hazardous Materials Fire Investigation Theory
Fire Protection Mechanical System Construction & Supervision of Fire Protection Systems
Egress Design Disaster & Safety Management Theory
National Fire Safety Code  
4 Executive Analysis of Disaster Cases Fire Protection Architectural Equipment
Fire Equipment Design Hazardous System
Smoke Control & Escape System Performance-based design
  crisis management for disaster mitigation

Future Career

  • Degree : B.S. in Fire & Disaster Prevention Engineering
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits

    Fire Engineer, Fire Prevention Facility Manager, Fire Equipment Engineer (electrical, mechanical areas), Risk Management Engineer, and Fire Prevention Engineer

  • Advancements after the graduation
    Graduates can find jobs in various government agencies as anti-disaster civil servants at various government agencies, including the Ministries of Government Affairs and Home Affairs, Science and Technology, Construction and Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Environment. They can also gain employment as fire facility safety managers at private businesses.

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