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Department of Entertainment

The Department of Entertainment aims to train entertainments and e-sports experts who will lead the global new media market. Our faculty from FNC, C9 Entertainment, RBW, Music Cube, and Riotprovides provides lectures on entertainment management, music business, performance planning and YouTube, and e-sports operation.

In a smart environment, the size of the digital content market and the e-sports market is beyond imagination. Killer content production is basic in the entertainment industry, and the proportion of content businesses that can create added value by distributing it is increasing.

We welcome you with unlimited potential to become an expert in the entertainment industry who will be responsible for future food.


  • Entertainment management major
    A core talent training course to manage entertainment agencies such as SM, FNC, and Hive, which are growing from an entertainment industry with creativity and an international sense to a high value-added core industry
  • Performance planning / YouTuber major
    The process of training more professional managers related to YouTube planning, production, and marketing, as well as planning performances and actually screening performances
  • Music business major
    The process of producing, distributing, and marketing music through album planning and production
  • E-sports major
    Training global e-sports professionals with expertise and business skills to lead the e-sports industry


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 E-sports industry and broadcast communication Entertainment management, planning and production
Understanding of the entertainment industry Performance production
Acting Album planning and Production
  Musical Acting
  Lyrics/Midi Arrangement
2 Content Industry culture and art, and Policy Fan marketing
E-Sports marketing E-Sports marnagement
Vocal Training  
Audition and Incubating nbsp;
3 Copyright laws/Licensing Risk Management
Performance planning Contents distribution, marketing and value awards
Entertainment Management Broadcast video editing
4 E-Sports match analysis Group and Management
Image Making and Walking K-POP Dance
Utber planning and production Introduction of e-sports coaching and referee

Future Career

  • Degree : Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits

    Content value evaluators, content enterprise value evaluators, character content managers, distribution managers, multimedia content production managers, celebrity managers, copyright managers, etc

  • Advancements after the graduation
    • Entertainment and broadcasting :
      Entertainment management companies, entertainment management experts, celebrity agencies, celebrity managers, etc
    • Planning contents :
      Content-related government/affiliated institutions, copyright trust management organizations, proxy relay companies, related associations, etc
    • Advertising/planning :
      Advertising agency, planning director, public relations agency, performance production company, festival event agency, cultural content agency, etc
    • Management and marketing :
      Movie promotion marketing companies, performance promotion marketing companies, performance production companies, etc
    • E-sports :
      e-sports marketing, e-sports agency, e-sports management, etc

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