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Department of Nursing Welfare

Department of Nursing Welfare fosters elderly care professionals who has combined knowledge of elderly care and ability to practice the knowledge. It provides with creative and progressive elderly care professionals who can respond promptly to the needs of time in a rapidly aging society.

Advantages of the department

  • Network with the Elderly Welfare Facilities and the Alumni in the Elderly Welfare Service
  • The 1st Academic department to Provide the Lecture Content on Elderly Life Management
  • The Faculty of Various Academic Backgrounds with the Close Ties to the Vocational Fields
  • Development of Online Lecture Content & Format in Response to the Technological Progress and the Student Expectation
  • Advancement to higher education service
  • Converged on- and off-line education for elderly welfare specialists
  • The best faculty with theoretical backgrounds and field experiences
  • Professional and systematic educational curriculum fostering practical professionals in two specialized areas (care welfare and elderly counseling)


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Human Behavior and Social Environment Adult Education and Aging
Introduction to Social Welfare Psychological gerontology
  Elderly Functional Recovery care
  Social Work Practice
2 Social Welfare with Elders Long-term Care Insurance
Long-term Care Skills I Long-term Care Skills Ⅱ
silver industry Social Welfare Administration
Gerontological Nursing Social Welfare Policy
Care Management  
Theories and Practice of Dementia Prevention Program  
Skills for Social Work Practice  
Research Methods for Social Welfare  
3 Theory and Practice of Dementia Care Care Management
Community Welfare and Practice Elderly Life Management
Social Welfare Law and Practice Multicultural Social Work
Aging and Physical Activity Elderly Counseling
4 Establishment and Management if elderiy Welfare Facilities Bibliotherapy for elderly
Social Welfare and Human Rights Health and Nutrition
Volunteer and Social Welfare  
Public Health  

After graduating from The Department of Elderly Welfare

  • Degree : B.A. in Social Welfare
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits : Social welfare professional, healthy family care worker, care social worker
  • Advancements after the graduation : various institutions or facilities providing social welfare or elderly welfare, Dedicated social welfare officials in public administration, welfare foundations or social welfare corporations, medical social welfare facilities (general hospitals, specialty hospitals for elderlies, elderly care facilities, mental health centers, etc.), senior counseling agencies, elderly educational institutions, senior recreation facilities, senior consulting related institutions, start-up or operation in the silver industry, advancement to the graduate school in social welfare or elderly welfare areas, R&D or other related areas

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