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Department of Lifelong Education and Counseling

Department of Lifelong Education and Counseling has the goal to educate the education specialists to lead the 21C education paradigm with the diverse qualification specialized education, tailored specialized education following the qualification program, preparatory education for graduate school, and industryacademy linked education to directly linked to university and industrial field. The students at the Department of Lifelong Education share the information on education through online and off-line study and community activities and prepare for acquiring the qualifications and preparing for graduate school together. In addition, by learning the required knowledge and technology through the education field, it provides the living education to adapt to the present business. In the education field, it leads the knowledge and information society and it welcomes the enrollment of students who intend to equip with the education related capability.


  • Cultivating education professionals through the specialized major
  • The best faculties in Education sector
  • Strong human relational networks with professors, senior and junior students
  • Mentor/mentee programs for freshmen or transfer students
  • Active preparations for graduate schools or employments


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Introduction to Lifelong Education Theories of Youth Education
Foundations of Education Certificate of Internet Ethics Qualification
Digital Coaching Educational Psychology
Design Thinking and Innovation Psychological gerontology
Faith and Human Development Counselign Psychology and Christian Field
Learning and Behavior Theory of Immigration
Understanding of Overseas Korean Society  
2 Adult Learning & Counseling Methodology of Lifelong Education
Human Resources Development Instructional Theory
Community Education Faith and Church Education
Education for a Multicultural Society Reading Materials Theory
Child Welfare Social Welfare with Youths
Social Welfare with Elders The Theory of Welfare for Immigrants and Multicultural Families
Understanding Multiculturalism in Korean Society  
Counseling for Learning  
Counseling For Adolescent  
3 Teaching Theory of Children after School Management of Lifelong Education
Customer Satisfaction Management Havruta Debate education
Principles of Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Society Multicultural Family Counselling and Therapy
Education & Teaching Method of Reading Methods Adult Education and Aging
Theories and Practice for Koreaan Culture Education Elderly Life Management
Parents Education& Counseling Multicultural Social Work
  Service Marketing
  Elderly Counseling
  School Social Work
4 Application of Distant Education Development of Lifelong Education Programs
Lifelong Education Practicum Lifelong Education Practicum
Immigration Policy Theory Multiple Case study of multicultural education field
Christian parent education International Migration and Labor Policy

Future Career

  • Degree : B.A. in Education
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits : Depending on their choice of courses, students can obtain a variety of certificates including national certificates, institutional certificates, and KCU certificates. They can work either as youth instructors or counselors, reading and writing instructors, afterschool instructors for children, lecturers at institutions or education experts for corporations.
  • Advancements after the graduation : Following graduation, students may move on to offline graduate schools. Upon completing the teaching program in a graduate school of education, it is possible to obtain a national certificate of education.

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