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Department of Counseling Psychology

Department of Counseling Psychology is the true and genuine partner for counseling specialist. With the increasing demands to protect and manage mental and psychological health from excessive mental stress for contemporary people living in unlimited competition era, counseling has become an essential requirement for adapting to contemporary life. Therefore, the Department of Counseling Psychology has established following goals to advance the counseling specialist with learning theoretical and practical consultation technology as well as humanity required for practical counseling affairs.


  • Development of counseling specialists capable of enhancing mental and psychological health of contemporary people.
  • Development of counseling specialists equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in counseling.
  • Development of counseling specialists capable of improving inter-personal relationship and promote creative problem solutions.
  • Development of counseling specialists capable of contributing to the local community through promoting psychological health and problem prevention.


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Personality Psychology Theory & Practice in Counseling
Developmental Psychology Psychology of Human Relations
  Families and Gender
2 Clinical Psychology Abnormal Psychology
Statistics in Psychology Group Counseling
Child Psychiatry Behavioral Therapy
Counseling for Learning Counseling Technique
Counseling For Adolescent  
Addiction Psychology  
Color Psychology  
Social Psychology  
3 Parents Education& Counseling Psychological Assessment and measurement
Cognitive Psychotherapy Career Counseling
Family Counseling Art Therapy
Learning Disorder Counseling For Special Student
Christian Counseling and Psychoanalysis Counseling Theory of Children
The Thoery and Application of Christian Counseling Expressive Arts Therapy
Child Welfare  
4 Play Therapy Counseling for Delinquents
Movement Therapy Counseling Practicum and Case Study
Positive Psychology Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation
Christian Counseling and Modern Psycotherapy Consumer Psychology
The Understanding of Spirituality  

Future Career

  • Degree: B.A. in Counseling Psychology
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits: National, institutional or private covering a variety of areas including chidren and adolescents counseling, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and art therapy.
  • Advancements after the graduation: Graduates can work as counselors in various areas after the acquirement of related cetificates.

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