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Department of Cosmetology and Arts

The department of Cosmetology and Arts aims to foster beauty experts who have extensive knowledge in health, skincare and hair care with balanced beauty & art senses through general beauty-related theories including hair design, skin care, makeup and nail art.


Hair Design: To foster professional beauticians who can create healthy beauty based on scientific theory and technical education and develop skilled and creative hairdressers who have a great pride in their job

Skin Care: To nurture skin care experts who could lead future skin care industry based on advanced theory and practices

Makeup: To foster makeup artists who can cover various fields including beauty makeup and broadcasting/stage/special makeup

Nail Art: To nurture skilled nail artists who can create a wide variety of fascinating finger and toenail designs Beautician (Hair), Beautician (Skin), Beautician (Nail), Hairdresser, Industrial Engineer Colorist / Engineer, Trichologist, Makeup Artist, Cosmetician, Beauty Stylist, Scalp Care Specialist, Pedicurist, Aroma Therapist, Hospital Coordinator, Head Spa Therapist, Wig Specialist

  • Basic Nail :
    Nail Art is getting popular since the nail art licence was developed to be a national licence in 2014. While nail art has become a prospective job, there needs to be more professional nail art education and training courses. Therefore, this course is to provide professional knowledge related nail structures & systems, nailing art skills, and tools. Students will learn the procedure of nail art and undergo actual practices.
  • Nail Art Design :
    Even though Nail Art came into the field later than other beauty subjects, it has been growing rapidly because it meets the needs of people who want to have their nails looking sanitary, beautiful and healthy. This course is designed to make students confident in theories, techniques, designing, marketing, and customer services in the professional field of nail art.
  • Hair & Scalp Care :
    This course is to learn how to maintain healthy scalp and give a good treatment to hair. Students will have a good understanding of the characteristics of different types of hair and the machinism of hair root. Students will learn theories of hair and scalp systematically and have opportunities to practice techniques. The lessons will prepare the students to be successful tricologists.
  • Foot Reflex Therapy :
    Reflexology is a supportive therapy to enforce feet, hands or ears to help cure disease of each part of the body. Without the symptoms of disease, reflexology has been found to be effective with respect to various cases. Rapid development of modern society offers many people convenience culturally, socially, and economically. However, people in the modern society are being exposed to negative effects of diseases. Red flags in health caused by lack of exercise, stress, pollution and instant food intake and so on. Thus, more and more people pay a lot of attention to their physical and mental well-being, and this leads them to make an effort to live a healthy and beautiful life. This course is to help students learn theories and practices of foot reflexology which is representative among reflexology. Students will eventually have abilities to apply foot reflexology in the industry and help customers’ health care to lead a healthy and beautiful life at home.
  • Broadcasting & StageMake-up :
    Stage make-up is a dramatic making over of actor or actress' faces that fit to the content and situations of the scripts. This visual effects should expressively show characters' races, ages, health, economical and educational backgrounds. Stage or theatrical make-up is part of drama or performance rather than individual highlights. Therefore, this course provides students to understand differences between beauty make-up and stage make-up and to practice the procedures to express characters effectively on the stage.
  • Blow-Dry & Iron :
    This course is to develop understanding of concepts of blow-drying and teach blow-drying techniques. Students will learn how to blow-dry for different hair styles. This course will help students confident making all kinds hair styles they want.
  • Body type management :
    Obesity is usually to give a lot of inconvenience to our daily lives. Obesity is a disease that causes physical and mental problems. Due to obesity, there is an increasing number of customers who visit the beauty salon. This course is to help students acquire theoretical knowledge of obesity. By the end of the class, students will be confident in suggesting an accurate way to help their customers.
  • AromaTherapytechnique :
    Owing to the development of transportation, the activity range of modern people has much more widened than before. The spread of mobile and internet instruments has allowed us to encounter the government in real-time. Due to the development of life science and medicine, we have entered a super-aged society with benefits of civilization while our health is threatened by external/internal stresses. As the society gets affluent, people's interest in the quality of life, health, and beauty is increasing. Thus, this aroma therapy course provides methods to maintain people's physical/psychological health by learning about the health/beauty care methods using aroma oil extracted from herbs.
  • TrendMake-up :
    This course is to learn how to produce best outlooks to express best impressions in public. Beauty and fashion areas lead trends, and this course is to help students learn trends to apply to produce effective and pleasant personal images of their customers.
  • Permanent Wave :
    This course is to help students understand science in permanent waves and learn related techniques such as waves, formulations, tool selection, etc. It also introduce the principles of permanent waves and give students opportunities to practice to acquire the techniques.
  • HairBasicCut :
    This course is to help students understand the principles of hair designing. Students will practice various cutting techniques. The goal of this course is to develop students’ competence in hair-cut techniques and hair styling methods. Students will be eventually able to apply the techniques and create desirable hair styles.
  • HairColorDesign :
    Pursuing satisfaction of beauty is not considered superficial anymore. It has come to be more common trend these days regardless of age and gender with a modern mass consumption culture. Hair dyes are getting popular since people desire their first impressions to be looking younger than their real ages. It is important that hair dye products should not be harmful for human bodies. This course is to develop students’ understanding of hair colors and help them practice hair dye and bleach.


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Hair Basic Cut Hair Color Design
Introduction of Beauty Permanent Wave
Skin Cosmetology  
2 Public Health Basic Esthetics
Hair Science Spa Therapy
Basic Nail Beauty Marketing
3 Make-up styling Trend Make-up
Salon Nail Nail Art Design
Hair & Scalp Care Foot Reflex Therapy
  Blow dry & Iron
4 Aroma Therapy technique Face Treatment
Body Care Special Make-up
Salon Make-up Hair styling

Future Career

  • Degree : B.A. in Cosmetology
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits

    Beautician (Hair), Beautician (Skin), Beautician (Nail), Hairdresser, Industrial Engineer Colorist / Engineer, Trichologist, Makeup Artist, Cosmetician, Beauty Stylist, Scalp Care Specialist, Pedicurist, Aroma Therapist, Hospital Coordinator, Head Spa Therapist, Wig Specialist

  • Advancements after the graduation
    A cosmetology Certificate is automatically issued to students after graduation.Hair Designer, Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Trichologist, Beauty Artist, Makeup Artist & Stage Makeup Artist, Nailist, Colorist, Spa Therapist, Aroma Therapist, Stylist, Image Consultant, Lecturer, College Professor, Beauty-related High School Teacheror Private Institute Instructor, Hospital Coordinator/ Manager, Beauty-related Business Startup (Beauty Private Institute, Hair Salon, Skin & Scalp Care Salon, Makeup Salon, Nail Salon, Total Beauty Care Center, Beauty Store) / Moving on to Graduate School

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