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Department of Construction System Engineering

The Department of Construction System Engineering is designed to equip students for a career in professional construction engineers with practical knowledge and self-directed capabilities. Recently, the construction industry requires construction engineers to improve their technical capabilities and to manage their professional careers as engineers. Founded in 2014, Soongsil Cyber University's Department of Construction Systems Engineering provides a curriculum that reflects the latest trends in construction engineering technology.


The Department of Construction System Engineering operates a professional curriculum in the areas of civil engineering, architectural engineering and interior design. Our goal is to train professional construction engineers who can be officially registered with the Korea Construction Engineers Association. We are educating them to have theoretical knowledge of their major areas and ability to adapt to the field. We also aim to cultivate active construction engineers that meets the trend of the times, such as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the development of IT, technology convergence, and smart construction. We train them to have a theoretical knowledge of their major field as well as their ability to adapt to the field. In addition, we are focusing our efforts on fostering active construction talent that meets the trend of the times, such as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the development of IT, technology convergence, and smart construction.


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Introduction to Interior Architecture Computer Aided Design
Applied Mechanics Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Architecture History of Architecture
Smart Construction and AI Interior Architecture Planning and Case Study
Elementary Engineering Mathematics
2 Reinforced Concrete Engineering Construction Management
Surveying and Geo-Spatial Information Engineering Building Construction Engineering and Methods
Interior Architecture Material & Finishes Principles of Hydrology
Principles of Hydraulics Architectural Planning
Introduce to Ergonomics Prestressed Concrete and Steel Structure
  Applied Surveying and Drone Technology
3 Construction Materials Engineering Structural Mechanics
Geotechnical Engineering1 Foundation Engineering
Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering Geotechnical Engineering 2
Sketch Up and Digital Presentation Construction Cost Estimating
Civil Estimate Practice Building Equipment Engineering
Architectural Structure  
4 Construction Dispute Conciliation Techniques for Slope Stability
Building Information Modeling Civil Engineering & Construction Practices
Design of Civil Engineering Structures Water Resources and Disaster Prevention Management
History and Style of Interior Architecture and Contemporary Architecture Smart Maintenance Technology
Safety Diagnosis Practice  

Future Career

  • Degree : Bachelor of Engineering
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits

    Engineer : Civil Engineering, Construction Material Testing, Surveying Geo-Spatial Information, Construction Safety, Applied Geology, Concrete, Architecture, Building Facilities, Interior Architecture

    Professional Engineer : Soil Mechanics Foundation, Engineer Civil Engineering Structures, Harbor Coastal Engineering, Harbor Coastal Engineering, Railway, Water Resources Development, Water Supply Sewage, Civil Engineering Agricultural Fishery, Civil Engineering Execution, Civil Engineering Quality Testing, Surveying Geo-Spatial Information, Geology and Geotechnics, Architectural Structures, Building Mechanical Facilities, Architectural Execution, Construction Quality Testing

  • Advancements after the graduation
    - Technical officials of central government and local governments such as ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, ministry of public administration and security, ministry of environment, etc.
    - Public corporations such as Korea Land and Housing Corporation(LH), Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Railroad Corporation, and Korea Water Resources Corporation
    - Construction companies, such as domestic and foreign general construction companies, specialized construction companies, etc.
    - Enterprise-affiliated research institutes and various construction-related research institutes.
    - Admission to domestic and foreign graduate schools(acquisition of master's and doctoral degrees)
    - Advancement into professional technicians in various construction fields

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