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Department of Christian Leadership

The goal of the Christian Leadership Department is to foster Christian leaders who have the leadership skills to establish a Kingdom of God on the earth with the gospel.


  • Helps believers become ministers who expand the kingdom of God in the workplace.
  • Helps Christian alternative school students continue to train their faith and choose careers.
  • Enables Christian alternative school teachers and church school teachers to be missionary teachers armed with Christian leadership and a biblical worldview.
  • Educates and trains church members (elders, kwon-sa, deacons) to build healthy churches.
  • Train missionaries, retrain, and enrich them
  • Provides opportunities for foreign students who have preached the gospel in the mission field to train their faith and learn Korean.


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Christian Leadership Biblical World View
Train Yourself to Be Godly Creation and the Origin of Universe
Knowing Christ Faith and Work
Faith and Human Development Christianity and Sex, Marriage, Home
2 7MM and Calling Who is Christian
Leaders in the Old Testament God’s Biblical Principles of Finance
Leadership and Communication The major world religions
Counseling For Adolescent Keep in Step With the Spirit
  Counseling of Forgiveness and Recovery
3 How to Read the Bible Leaders in the New Testament
History of Church Mission Perspective
Peace Making Counseling Theory of Children
Youth Personality Education  
4 Introduction to Christian Religion Mission Statement
How to Administrating Church The Spiritual Basics of the Mature Christian
Christian parent education Christian in Marketplace(team teaching)

Future Career

  • Degree : Bachelor of Christian Leadership
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits

    Certificate of Completion in the Name of the President of KCU

  • Advancements after the graduation
    After graduating from the Department of Christian Leadership, you will be able to perform various duties not only in the church but also outside the church as a Christian leader who is able to perform mentoring, coaching, and educational tasks with education and basic theory of the basic literacy of Christian leaders.

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