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Department of Christian Counseling and Welfare

The Department of Christian Counseling & Welfare was organized with a religious goal of realizing ‘Truth’ and ‘Service’, the Christian values of Korea Soongsil Cyber University, in specific life circumstances. Our goal is to heal those whose body and soul have weakened because of the expansion of materialism and social polarization and their households and to build a fair, bright and healthy society. For this, we have recruited the best faculty and operated effective and differentiated curriculums to foster skilled and professional counselors and social workers. In addition, we have increased an opportunity to earn various Certificates through active exchange and connection with other departments and established favorable environment to learn knowledge in a broad and deep manner.


  • A professional counselor who heals people’s mind based on Christian spirit
  • A professional social worker establishing open community culture through ‘caring’ and ‘serving’
  • A creative leader making a pioneering history under diverse cultures
  • A global education expert in a pursuit of advanced studies with the vision of missionary work around the world
  • A rational volunteer realizing ‘accountable society’ under Christian spirit in preparation for unification


Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1 Faith and Human Development Counselign Psychology and Christian Field
Learning and Behavior Christianity and Sex, Marriage, home
  Christian Counseling Ethics learned by film
2 Christian counseling & Health For All Family Therapy and Family Welfare
Children and Adolescent Psychology and Art Therapy Counseling of Forgiveness and Recovery
Crisis-Trauma Counseling Counseling of Extramarital affairs and Divorce
Personality Psychology Mission Care Counseling
  Abnormal Psychology
  Group Counseling
3 The Thoery and Application of Christian Counseling Pseudo-Religion and heresies
The Understanding of Spirituality Elderly Counseling
Christian Counseling and Modern Psycotherapy Integrating the Arts in Therapy and Christian Counseling
Money and Christian Counseling Psychological Assessment and measurement
4 Christian parent education Christian Clinical Supervision
Christian Counseling and Psychoanalysis Christian Spirtuality Training
Narrative Therapy and Christian Counseling Christian Coaching
Communication and Counseling Conversation Method  

Future Career

  • Degree : B.A. in Counseling and Welfare
  • Optional Certificates and Other Benefits : Youth Counselor, Pastoral Counselor
  • Advancements after the graduation :
    • - Moves on to the Graduate School of Psychology & Counseling Psychology, Graduate School of Theology or Specialized Graduate School.
    • - Goes on to the graduate school majoring in Christian theology, counseling, psychology or counseling psychology.
    • - Gets a job at counseling & psychotherapy institution or Christian counseling organization.
    • - Works as a social worker at social facilities or social welfare facilities.
    • - Works as an educational counselor or corporate counselor at educational institutions, educational welfare facilities or private firms

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